Monday, August 17, 2009


Sorry i have been ignoring you lately. School started today and i have been super busy. I've been in Montana for the past week with my family school shopping. Not fun. Today was my first day of my sophomore year. Oh and may i add that it was a new school. I got lost a couple times, but i found my way. None of my friends are in my classes, they're all in different classes together. But i did change my classes so I'm not in freshman math. But then they didn't even give me a math class, maybe i should check up on that. But for now im fine going to Fashion Desigen to Biology to lunch (which by changing my math class i got lunch with Sarah.) to Drama-Ind Study to PE.
I haven't made any new friends yet, maybe i should so i'm not stuck not knowing anyone. But thats just my luck.

Today I found out the dates for Cobra Starship to go on tour. My mom said i could go for my birthday present 'cause my brother got a $500 AMP for his guitar for his birthday. I also got 'Hot Mess' on Tuesday. At first i was a little unsure about it but it grew on me. Now i completely love it. I also joined 'Cobra Crew' which came free with the CD. So now i have chances to meet them.

I have to go get ready for tomorrow. But it seems that I keep procrastinating. I need to straighten my hair so its not a afro tomorrow morning.

"The reflection in the mirror is her only friend..."

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