Monday, July 6, 2009

Once again...

I guess you could say today was a bit disappointing. Right when i woke up i found out Ryan and Jon will be leaving Panic at the Disco. Yes, i did shed some tears more than once. But at least the band members are going to be happy. And we can actually see how Brendon and Spencer's lyrics are, and it gives them a chance for us too see how good they can actually be. But when i go to my room i try hard not too look at the huge poster of them hanging up in my room, or the Deluxe additon of Pretty.Odd or Live in Chicago. I also heard Panic is bringing back the ! in the name. Who knows, well see.

It seems the fair is this week. Might go tomorrow, it'll make me happy. And i saw the hangover today, it was good. Really funny. I liked it. It made me happy for the most part. And i learned that creepy people go downtown at night and like to scream at you when your walking. Like when your at a corner and waiting to cross the street everyone will yell "hookers!!". Wow, sure mature there! ha,

Pheoebe keeps hitting me with her tail on my face at this moment. Its getting annoying. See she likes to sit on top of our computer chair and sit there, obviously today she likes to hit my face with her tail and get fur all over. haha.

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