Sunday, July 12, 2009

Everyone knows theres a party at the end of the world.

Theres one person in this world that i know wont disappoint me. Sarah. She stands by my side no matter what and is a good kid. Dosen't drink, smoke, do drugs, and have sex. And she got me hooked on All Time Low. But i got her hooked on Cobra Starship and Panic at the Disco. So were almost even, Almost. [:
Went to the fair twice this week. Wasn't anything great. Its the same every year nothing too special. Not worth going twice though. But i did go to a 'Side Freak Show' there. I was sick before i went and Sarah had swimmers ear so we went on like 3 rides then went to the freak show 'cause we had nothing better to do. Once again nothing too great. There was a sheep with 5 legs, a cow with 6 legs, the worlds smallest horse (which was a miniture [Sp?] horse nothing special those are every where), a albino turtle, a turtle with two heads, a cow with two noses (And a over bite!), and some animals in jars. Which were gross but i guess real, there was also a baby in a jar! It was kind of messed up... There was a ride that was called 'Starship' it reminds me of Cobra.

All Time Lows new CD 'Nothing Personal' is really good. I enjoy it a lot. "Oh Glory" Panic's new single is amazing. I like it. It sounds a lot like 'A Fever You Can't Sweat Out'. If you haven't heard it and want to its here:

Im excited for the new cd.

And now some random pictures from the fair:

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  1. hey i love all time low too. btw, i think ur blog is great! xo